Grilled fish with tomatoes and herb dressing


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Do you feel like not having enough time to prepare next day lunch? Don’t have enough energy to cook a nutritious dinner after a long day? There may be many of excuses, but nothing could help you to find your way out of this easy and quick recipe by professional chef Gaspar Fernandes. So let’s try to cook it! Ingredients … Read More

Shrimps with tomato sauce


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You‘ve probably heard that lycopene which is richly found in tomatoes is a unique medicine for many types of cancer and heart diseases, but did you know that most of lycopene is found in heat-treated tomatoes? So, this tomatoes and shrimps duet recommended by chef Gaspar Fernandes is not only food but also a medicine, not to mention the perfect … Read More

Bruschetta with grilled tomatoes and ricotta


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The secret of greatness is simplicity. This can definitely be applied when we are talking about chef of Gaspar’s restaurant simple recipe of bruschetta with grilled tomatoes and ricotta. It does not only look good but also is a perfect option for slow weekend breakfast or a snack for unexpected guests.  Ingredients for two servings: Italian ciabatta; 15 cherry tomatoes of “Kietaviškių”; … Read More

Vegetarian Caesar salad


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Autumn start is the best period to enjoy the fresh Lithuanian harvest. So the creative chef Gaspar Fernandes offers to make all of your favourite classics – Caesar salad. Although this time it will be a vegetarian version. Ingredients for two servings: 2 cucumbers; 4 cherry tomatoes of “Kietaviškių”; 2 black tomatoes of  “Kietaviškių”; 2 yellow plum tomatoes of „Kietaviškių“; Fresh … Read More

Green salad with pine nuts


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When summer is not ready yet to step back and the season of fresh vegetables is just in its full swing, Gaspar Fernandes, the chef of “Gaspar’s” restaurant, offers both simple and original salad recipe. Be sure that this salad will provide you with a bunch of vitamins and energy! This is also a perfect idea for lunch to take … Read More

Cold cucumber soup


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Bored of cold beetroot soup, but on a hot summer day all you wish is a bowl of fresh soup? The chef of “Gaspar’s” restaurant offers an original recipe of cucumber soup, which can be made in only three simple steps. It will not only freshen up your palate but body too! Ingredients for 2 servings: 3 long “Kietaviškių“ cucumbers; … Read More

Various tomatoes and mozzarella salad


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Tomato and mozzarella – a classic duet, perfectly revealing of each other taste qualities. Such a combination is perfect for a light summer dinner. But everything is not so predictable as it may seem at a first glance – the talented chef Gaspar Fernandes offers to prepare this salad with various types of tomatoes. This will not only help you … Read More

Cold tomato soup


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Want to freshen up with something refreshing and quick to make? Chef of one of the best restaurants in Lithuania “Gaspar’s” Gaspar Fernandes offers an idea for a cold tomato soup! Ingredients for 2 servings: 500g of various kinds of “Kietaviškių” tomatoes; 2 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil; Juice of 1 lime; A pinch of paprika; Few leaves of basil; … Read More