Grilled vegetable salad with goat cheese and pesto sauce



While we enjoy this amazing weather and grill is our irreplaceable companion in the picnic. A chef of restaurant HEALTH Arturas Lapajevas wants to share a recipe of grilled vegetable salad with goat cheese and pesto sauce. INGREDIENTS: 300 g. of tomatoes 1 mini zucchini 2 Portobello mushrooms 1 sweet paprika 1 loaf of salad 100 g. of pesto sauce … Read More

Summer childhood snacks



There are such tastes that could many of us return to childhood in the summer. Some snacks, that already have turned to the classic ones and for most of us it cause warm feelings. When lithuanian vegetables are already grown, A chef of „Kūno kultūra“ Ignas Štuka resurrects these snacks to new life and look at another angle. —- Cucumber … Read More

A colorful salad with berries and dried ham



When looking for changes or new winds in life, who said you can not start from your plate of salad? Ignas Štuka, the chef of “Kūno kultūra”, offers a unique recipe of colorful vegetable salad, which will be loved by the ones who value the combination of sweet and salty. Who knows, maybe it will be a step towards bigger changes? … Read More

Easter table: green salad with fish



At Easter table, you can flaunt not only differently prepared eggs, meat dishes, but also something lighter and more elegant. Why not make fresh and savory salads with fish and surprise family members and guests. The salad recipe is shared by Ignas Štuka, chef of the company “Kūno kultūra”, which produces a balanced food. Ingredients for 2 servings: 200 g … Read More

Green salad with salmon



Spring weather is unstable and the immune system is often weakened this time of the year. Therefore, it is now very important to focus on a healthy nutrition. Fortunately, while waiting for the Lithuanian tomato harvest, we can enjoy fresh vegetables – lettuce and cucumbers – all year round. If you are missing the thoughts of interesting, nutritious and delicious … Read More

Green salad with pine nuts


kietaviskiu maistas21

When summer is not ready yet to step back and the season of fresh vegetables is just in its full swing, Gaspar Fernandes, the chef of “Gaspar’s” restaurant, offers both simple and original salad recipe. Be sure that this salad will provide you with a bunch of vitamins and energy! This is also a perfect idea for lunch to take … Read More

Salad with walnuts and feta cheese


Delicious salad with chicken, nuts, egg and vegetables.

Easy and tasty salad! Rinse and dice your cucumbers and tomatoes, crush your walnuts and slice the feta cheese in to small cubes. Rip the salad with your hands, and add all the ingredients into a bowl. Sprinkle over your favorite greens on the salad. Next – the sauce. Add some balsamic vinegar and honey to a pot (2:1) and … Read More