Bruschetta with serrano ham



For long autumn evenings, when you need to regale unexpected guests, a chef of restaurant HEALTH Artūras Lapajevas has a simple and fast recipe, which would not leave indifferent people. INGREDIENTS: Toasted bread   4 pcs. Serrano ham  50 g. Amber tomatoes 50 g. Cherry tomatoes 50 g. Radishes   25 g. Cucumbers 80 g. Pesto sauce   50 g. Olive oil   25 ml. Garlic   1-2 cloves Salt  2 g. Black … Read More

Israeli omelette (Shakshuka)



You don‘t need to think a lot to diversify your weekend breakfast menu. A chef of restaurant HEALTH Artūras Lapajevas recommends you to try a recipe of Israeli omelette (Shakshuka)   INGREDIENTS: Eggs   4 pcs. Raspberry tomatoes 500 g. Pepper   1 pcs. Onion   1 pcs. Garlic   2 cloves Minced cumin  0.5 of tea spoon Sweet pepper powder  1 tea spoon Salt  2 g. Black minced … Read More

Picking of tomato leaves

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Pomidorų lapų skynimas

Don‘t forget to pull off the bottom leaves from your tomato plants. If the bunches are already formed, they‘re not needed anymore – the leaves below bunches don‘t perform their functions anymore. This way you‘ll grow your fruit much faster.

Cold tomato soup


A bowl of tomato soup gaspacho with basil and crackers

You will need: 12 tomatoes, 4 cloves of garlic, two paprika’s, one red onion, and one glass of tomato juice, one lemon and some spices – pepper, salt and sugar. Preparation: dip the tomatoes into boiling water for a couple of minutes and afterwards, peel of the skins. Peel and dice the onion and garlic cloves. Add the tomatoes, garlic, … Read More