Easter table: green salad with fish


Kietaviškių šviežios salotos

At Easter table, you can flaunt not only differently prepared eggs, meat dishes, but also something lighter and more elegant. Why not make fresh and savory salads with fish and surprise family members and guests. The salad recipe is shared by Ignas Štuka, chef of the company “Kūno kultūra”, which produces a balanced food.

Ingredients for 2 servings:

  • 200 g of smoked catfish
  • Fresh and crispy “Kietaviškių” lettuce in a pot
  • Fresh “Kietaviškių” cucumber
  • Apple
  • Few radishes
  • A handful of shredded pistachios
  • Few lamb’s lettuce leaves
  • Few beetroot leaves
  • A dash of Sesame oil
  • Salt and pepper

Put the hand-tramped lettuce into the bowl first, then put chopped smoked catfish, cucumber cut in thin stripes with a razor, a quarter of a thinly sliced apple, beetroot and lean leaves, thinly sliced radishes.  Sprinkle it with sesame oil and cover it up with shredded pistachios. Enjoy!