Summer childhood snacks


Kietaviškių šviežios daržovės - receptai

There are such tastes that could many of us return to childhood in the summer. Some snacks, that already have turned to the classic ones and for most of us it cause warm feelings. When lithuanian vegetables are already grown, A chef of „Kūno kultūra“ Ignas Štuka resurrects these snacks to new life and look at another angle.


Cucumber with fresh honey

Who doesn’t crave the nostalgic taste of honey-dipped cucumber, fresh from the garden? The cook/chef offers to enjoy this childhood treat with a slice of rye bread. You will need:

– Slice of rye bread;

– Fresh “Kietaviškių” short cucumber;

– Fresh honey.


Tomato with salt

A tomato with a bit of salt – it‘s a classic recipe, that shows all the sweetness and flavour of tomatoes. If you adapted this snack a bit, you could make a nutritious sandwich for breakfast or dinner.


-Slice of rye bread;

– “Kietaviškių” amber tomatoes

– Some radishes

– Salt and pepper





Tomato with salt for kids

How to encourage kids to eat vegetables? Put them on a sandwich! It’s one more variation of tomato and salt, which should be liked by them, because here we use very sweet little tomatoes and butter.


– A slice of rye bread;

– Butter;

– Very sweet “Kietaviškių” children tomatoes;

– A bit of salt.


Summer salad

Tomatoes and cucumbers salad with sour cream, salt and pepper – admit that the idea about it makes your heart sing. It‘s a meal that we all enjoy when the first vegetables harvest appears. However, chief I.Štuka recommends to make salad a little more easy and healthy – your body lines will be surely thankful for that!


– Fresh cucumbers;

– “Kietaviškių“ raspberry tomatoes;

– Radishes;

– Greek yogurt;

– Salt and pepper.