In the summer we naturally start eating lighter meals. Also, good weather is inversely proportional to our desire to spend time in the kitchen. Ignas Štuka, the chef of “Kūno kultūra” wants to share a recipe of very fresh and easy to prepare soup Gazpacho that is made from lithuanian tomatoes.

Ingredients for 2 servings:

200 g of “Kietaviškių“ tomatoes assorti;

50 ml of canned tomatoes;

1 long cucumber;

½ of pepper;

¼ of blue onion;

Clove of garlic;

Mint leaf;

Salt and pepper;

Olive oil;


For decoration:

½ of pepper;

¼ of onion;

1 cucumber;

Few mint leaves



Mash the ingredients by mixer to a solid mass;

Ingredients for decoration chop into small cubes.

Serve the soup into bowls, put finely chopped vegetables and a bit of olive oil on a top.