Grilled vegetable salad with goat cheese and pesto sauce


Kietaviškių šviežios daržovės

While we enjoy this amazing weather and grill is our irreplaceable companion in the picnic. A chef of restaurant HEALTH Arturas Lapajevas wants to share a recipe of grilled vegetable salad with goat cheese and pesto sauce.


300 g. of tomatoes

1 mini zucchini

2 Portobello mushrooms

1 sweet paprika

1 loaf of salad

100 g. of pesto sauce

2 g. of salt

1 g. of ground black pepper

2 cloves of garlic

80 g. of goat cheese

5 g. of chervil

2 slices of toasted bread


  1. Cut the medium size mushrooms to 1 cm thick strips.
  2. Cut 3 or 4 zucchinis across the length in halves
  3. Put some pepper, salt, squeeze the garlic, and then sprinkle it with olive oil.
  4. Mix and bake it on the grill for 3-4 minutes, using 200 degrees of heat and at the same time grieve some bread.
  5. Cut the lettuce and cover it with pesto sauce
  6. Slice tomatoes to pieces
  7. Put all the ingredients to a plate
  8. Sprinkle it with goat cheese