About us

The company “Kietaviškių gausa” is the biggest greenhouse complex in the Baltic States, growing Lithuanian vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce in containers. Carefully grown and picked vegetables have the best traits that are ensured by modern growing conditions and flawless care of our employees.

Our greenhouse complex has the modern technologies and light culture installed, which allows to grow vegetables despite the season or weather conditions. We can now offer fresh vegetables all year long – it is both our mission and the promise to consumers. We produce over 8 thousand tons of cucumbers and tomatoes and over 1,5 million units of lettuce in containers per year.

“Kietaviskiu gausa” is located between Vilnius and Kaunas, in the small village of Kietaviškės, next to Elektrėnai. The first greenhouses were built in 1987. The company currently employs more than 250 people.