Bruschetta with serrano ham


Kietaviškių šviežios daržovės

For long autumn evenings, when you need to regale unexpected guests, a chef of restaurant HEALTH Artūras Lapajevas has a simple and fast recipe, which would not leave indifferent people. INGREDIENTS: Toasted bread   4 pcs. Serrano ham  50 g. Amber tomatoes 50 g. Cherry tomatoes 50 g. Radishes   25 g. Cucumbers 80 g. Pesto sauce   50 g. Olive oil   25 ml. Garlic   1-2 cloves Salt  2 g. Black … Read More

Bruschetta with grilled tomatoes and ricotta


Kietaviškių vyšniniai pomidorai

The secret of greatness is simplicity. This can definitely be applied when we are talking about chef of Gaspar’s restaurant simple recipe of bruschetta with grilled tomatoes and ricotta. It does not only look good but also is a perfect option for slow weekend breakfast or a snack for unexpected guests.  Ingredients for two servings: Italian ciabatta; 15 cherry tomatoes of “Kietaviškių”; … Read More